Costa Mesa, CA

Mark Teale, Founder & Principal

Architect Mark Teale and his team have been designing distinctive, upscale residences and remodels in coastal California since his firm’s inception in 2004. Their work has been featured in industry-leading publications like Architectural Digest and Home Builder Digest, among others. Their portfolio includes a wide range of styles, many of which are inspired by the backgrounds and tastes of his clients. Teale and his team pride themselves on forging strong, collaborative relationships with clients over the course of the design process, to the extent that clients feel they have a personal stake in the outcome of their home. As a native New Zealander, Teale draws upon a deep connection to the environment and an affinity for indoor-outdoor experiences. It’s an ethic he shares with his clients, many of whom seek to maximize outdoor living spaces that complement their lifestyles. He and his team incorporate features like atriums, pool decks and indoor-outdoor great rooms into many of their projects. While Teale’s work is grounded in passive design practices that consider climate, views and exposures, he also chooses amenities that offer energy efficiency, to enable clients to get more enjoyment out of their outdoor spaces

Evening Canyon

Teale and his team faced a unique challenge with the Evening Canyon project. The property was located on a site with an ocean view on the opposite side of the outdoor living space. While Teale’s design made the most of the ocean view from the indoor rooms, Infratech heaters were an integral part of their solution. Teale and his team devised an indoor-outdoor great room that opened onto an inviting covered patio and pool deck. In a climate where the temperature can drop dramatically after sunset, flush-mounted Infratech heaters add warmth to the patio and create a welcoming space for clients to relax with friends and family. Now clients can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Teale and his team chose Infratech heaters because they enabled his clients to maximize utilization of their indoor-outdoor living spaces. He specified Infratech’s flush mount option because it adds seamless comfort that complements his design vision.