Santa Monica, CA

Erla Dögg and Tryggvi, principals

Founded by native Icelanders Erla Dögg and Tryggvi, Minarc’s work is distinguished by an outside-in, inside-out ethos that is grounded in a deep appreciation of nature. The award-winning firm has been recognized with numerous accolades from the International Interior Design Association (IIDA), including a Calibre Award. They are inspired by the ways in which milder climates encourage outdoor living, and strive to create homes that feel immersed in their surroundings. To achieve this, Minarc incorporates features that extend seamlessly from inside out, to create a sense of visual and physical expansiveness. With each project, the team devises solutions that reflect client lifestyles and values while adding efficiency and comfort. Whether reusing materials or exploring optimal ways to configure every square foot of a lot, they seek to help people appreciate the best that climate and location have to offer.

Appleton Living

Minarc’s Appleton Living project offers clients the benefits of simplicity, sustainability and utility, in a home that promotes a healthy family environment. The home was designed around an outdoor living area, with an open layout that promotes flow from the inside out. Fixtures like a fireplace and patio warmed by an Infratech heating system make the exterior living room as comfortable and accessible as the rooms within. Minarc selected Infratech heaters for the patio because they worked well with the home’s streamlined aesthetic. In addition, Infratech’s energy-efficient, emission-free performance aligned with the firm’s eco-friendly design philosophy.

Minarc’s outside-in, inside-out ethos guides them to holistically incorporate eco-conscious practices into every project. Their designs maximize the potential for a site’s size, climate and geography and blur the line between inside and out, to help clients enjoy all that they have.