Mario Romano Architecture Venice Wave House – Infratech


Los Angeles , CA

Mario Romano, architect, artist and principal

Mario Romano is a Los Angeles-based architect and artist who has designed and built over $50 million in high-end residential projects from the ground up. Romano is inspired by the interconnectedness of construction and design, creating homes that transcend function to become art that uplifts, both publicly and privately. He and his team make high design accessible to clients, bringing the fluid undulations and silhouettes they envision to life. Romano embeds a sustainable approach into his design practice by creating spaces that encourage indoor-outdoor living. To support his aesthetic and functional objectives, Romano has developed a branded line of interior and exterior textured walls, ceilings and flooring components, which are fabricated for use in indoor, outdoor, wet or dry conditions, for homes that flow.

Wave House

With its gracefully curving shape and aluminum skin, the Wave House, designed and constructed by Romano and his team in Venice, California, combines the complexity of geometry with a sculpted fluidity that invokes the presence of water. The home’s wraparound design embraces a pool, enabling the interiors to engage with the outdoor space. Romano included an outdoor lounge and movie theater on the first floor to further dissolve the demarcation between inside and out. He outfitted the lounge with fixtures that make the space more inviting for year-round use, adding flush-mounted Infratech heaters that offer a seamless look, along with ambient, eco-friendly comfort. The resulting home balances art, function and comfort, inside and out.

Romano strives to strike the right balance between connection and separation, establishing visual connectivity between different levels of a home, private and entertaining areas, and interior and exterior spaces that supports each client’s specific needs, values and desires.