Venice, CA


Award-winning Ilan Dei Studio occupies a 10,000 square-foot design and fabrication facility in Venice, California. Founded by principal Ilan Dei, the studio specializes in commercial architecture, design and branding for dining, hospitality and retail clients. They are known for creating unique experiences that are distinguished by what Dei calls “lush minimalism” – integrating clean, contemporary lines and forms with materials and fixtures that add a feeling of inviting warmth. Dei enjoys collaborating with the founders of emerging brands, to design signature interior and exterior environments expressed across multiple locations. He takes a holistic approach, creating a unique sense of place grounded in the founder’s vision, then expanding that vision to influence the customer experience at every touchpoint. With many project sites located in California, Dei and his team are tasked with developing environments that extend the brand experience seamlessly from indoor to outdoor spaces.


Durability and a timeless aesthetic are guiding principles for Dei’s design projects. For the Lemonade space, this directed the selection of materials that are both easily recyclable and long-lasting. The original design concept for this fast casual restaurant brand incorporates an iconic, citrus-inspired color palette. This is supported by custom ceiling treatments, wall artwork, light fixtures and furnishings, for a branded experience that extends from door handles to menu layouts. The scalable, modular design was developed to accommodate a broad range of franchise sites. For the Fashion Island location, the team chose a flush-mounted Infratech heating system because the fixtures aligned with their needs, providing aesthetically pleasing, low-maintenance, energy-efficient and durable comfort heat that did not detract from the ambience of the outdoor dining area. This enables Lemonade to seat more diners in comfort outside, generating added return on investment year-round.

Dei and his team develop designs that leverage the advantages of each site, to offer a seamless engagement between indoor and outdoor spaces. Furnishings and fixtures help extend the brand identity and add comfort for customers and guests.