Aaron Neubert

Los Angeles, CA

Aaron Neubert, architect and principal

ANX founder and principal Aaron Neubert leads a team that has worked on renowned projects around the world. His work has received awards from the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the National Academy of Design, Build Magazine and the Van Alen Prize in Public Architecture, to name a few, and he currently serves as an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Southern California. ANX’s approach to residential design revolves around the notion of merging architecture with the surrounding landscape. Neubert and his team advocate for homes that occupy a more compact, intimate footprint, site homes to maximize passive energy consumption, and develop designs that maximize usable square footage by incorporating outdoor areas into a client’s living space.

Hollywood Hills Home

Initially constructed in 1992, ANX’s Hollywood Hills home originally featured dark interior spaces that offered limited access to its spectacular views. The ANX team was inspired by the potential to create a seamless engagement between the home’s interiors and the sweeping vistas outside. They accomplished this by creating an open layout that connected interior spaces and terraces with the landscape. To make the outdoor living areas as comfortable and welcoming as possible, they selected an Infratech heating system in part because the fixtures’ sleek design complemented the home’s minimalist style. Heat output was also a concern, due to the height at which the heaters were installed. Infratech’s ambient, energy-efficient and low-maintenance performance translated into comfort for the clients, who now enjoy the view from their interior rooms and outdoor terraces throughout the year.

The ANX team strives to achieve an environmental modernism informed by the geography, climate and lifestyles of its clients. Outdoor living spaces are an essential component of this approach because they provide a sustainable medium by which to recapture usable space at a site.