Laguna Beach, CA

Anders Lasater, CEO and Principal Architect

Since 2006, Anders Lasater and his award-winning team have established a thriving luxury residential, boutique retail and hospitality practice. Their work has been recognized with awards from industry-leading organizations like the American Institute of Architects, and the Gold Nugget Awards, among others. They specialize in creating spectacular, intimate spaces that foster unique moments in both residential and commercial settings. Lasater and his team’s work is guided by a desire to elevate people’s consciousness about the impact the built environment can have on the lifestyles of clients and their guests. They approach each project by identifying their clients’ unique needs, in order to create meaningful solutions that give people the spaces to enjoy the lives they want. Their design process is grounded in thoughtful consideration of intangible elements like light, space, proportion and materials, all of which come together to support a heightened sensory experience for visitors and inhabitants. Their solutions also maximize the best each site has to offer in terms of views, climate and exposures, for homes that offer beautiful, comfortable and welcoming spaces on a personal scale.

The Hall: Global Eatery

Lasater and his team enjoyed the opportunity to work with a diverse team of design-build professionals for this 8,000 square-foot project. The owners of the once-vacant property approached Lasater to help them realize their vision for a multi-use food concept. It would incorporate four different restaurants under one room, all united by the theme of the interior design and the notion of a Mediterranean marketplace. Lasater’s team began by identifying the sensory touchpoints of the space — what guests would see, smell, taste and touch. Comfort was a key driver in their design process and inspired the selection of Infratech heaters for the outdoor patio. By bringing ambient warmth into the space in a way that complemented the design, the heating system supported Lasater’s intention to create an outdoor space that invites guests to linger and savor their meals.

Infratech heating systems support Lasater’s desire to provide shelter, comfort, enclosure and definition in an outdoor space, in a way that aesthetically complements his design vision. He says that Infratech’s product literature helped provide clarity and drive decisions about which heaters to specify, at which placements and heights.