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Ultra-luxury Home Designers Choose Infratech for Lavish Spec Homes

Ultra-luxury housing is on the rise, thanks to entertainment and tech industry titans and overseas buyers looking to invest in lavish trophy properties. Recently The Wall Street Journal took a peek at the eight-to-nine figure price tag homes developers and investors are building on spec, in hopes of attracting wealthy home hunters. These palatial estates contain master bedrooms and in-home spas the size of the average American home, plus—in certain cases—the largest IMAX theatre ever installed in a home, and a $200,000 sweets-stocked “candy bar.” For these high end clients, Southern California-based designers/builders Shelly and Avi Osadon of See Construction choose only the highest quality homebuilding materials.



That’s why they decided to flush-mount Infratech heaters in the outdoor living areas of their newest 15,500 square-foot, $35 million spec home. With a gorgeous view from the hills, potential homeowners can look out over the city of Los Angeles or out towards the Pacific. The home includes an indoor/outdoor bar and a 100-foot-long infinity pool, so keeping outdoor living spaces cozy is essential in a city where temperatures can change dramatically from day to night. As the industry leader in infrared heaters, we’re proud to see our products used in these exquisite homes—and we’re also happy to say that you don’t need to be a billionaire to use an Infratech heating system in your own home.

Story and photos via Wall Street Journal.