“I have used Infratech heaters on numerous projects. We design many homes that blend together indoor and outdoor spaces. Using Infratech heaters helps these spaces become more usable and enjoyable. Also, the detailing of the heaters allows us to fit them in nicely with the architecture.”
“We purchased two Infratech heaters for a large remodeling project of ours. Heaters and components were all shipped to our site in perfect condition. We called there tech department with a few questions and received the information we needed. Great product, our clients loved it!”
“My clients love the experience they enjoy on their outdoor living and kitchen entertainment area in the greater Seattle area with your heaters. The amount of heat and the ease of control made them a perfect choice for this project.”
“I'm a big fan of Infratech heaters. We have installed various heaters in our screen porches in the last few years. Our customers love them! It is definitely a feature that sets our projects apart from the competition.”
“As a design firm in Vancouver, we create many outdoor rooms, as they are one of the most sought after architectural spaces. That being said, we live in a climate that requires additional heat! Infratech Comfort Heaters complete the space with their sleek designed, highly efficient heaters. Not only are they energy efficient, they add to the ambiance of the room and create ultimate comfort. This is a great product.”
“As a custom home builder with clients that demand quality work, we only recommend the use of Infratech heaters. With great design and ease of install locations due to limited clearance needs we would recommend to anyone to use these products. We couple them with an in-line contactor so they can be used with smart home controls or timer switches.”
“We have put Infratech Heaters in many of our outdoor living spaces of both custom homes and speculatively built luxury homes. In the damp but temperate climate that Seattle enjoys, a covered area with a reliable heat source like Infratech heaters elongates the outdoor living season by months. Our clients continue to look for outdoor heating options, and we continue to recommend Infratech products as solutions.”
“Infratech Comfort Heaters is the 'go-to' company for expert knowledge, advice, and reliability if you plan to have infrared heaters installed in your outdoor living space. We love these dynamo heaters for our landscape projects - especially here in the Pacific Northwest - as the added comfort they supply to our outdoor rooms extends our season and allows for extra enjoyment throughout the year. Also, being eco-friendly and energy efficient is important to our "green" lifestyles . . . We especially enjoyed working with these industry professionals during a recent project.”
“Infratech provided some great outdoor heaters for a front porch project and they delivered excellent customer service and a great product. They were an invaluable resource in the design process and I think that anyone would be happy with them. We'll be using them for all our projects that call for this.”
“I am a landscape designer and recommended to my clients that they select Infratech heaters for their new pergola/patio design. My clients did use the Infratech heaters and not only do they warm the patio area but they are beautiful, sleek, modern and unobtrusive - truly a wonderful product - a perfect blend of function and beauty! I am now incorporating them into another design. ”
“We have been selling Infratech Heaters exclusively for over 10 years and highly recommend them. Summers in the Pacific Northwest only last a few months but high quality heaters extend backyard entertaining into the Spring and Fall. We recommend Infratech to clients for almost every high end backyard project we do specifically for this reason. We have tried some other lines but have found the best reliability, look, and quality through Infratech. In fact, several of our own employees have Infratech Heaters installed in their backyards! Best outdoor heaters and the only ones we will sell.”
“We have used Infratech heaters for numerous projects over the years. Nearly all our covered outdoor living areas have their products. We absolutely recommend them and so do our customers.”
“Our design/build firm created a screened porch for a repeat client in Belmont, MA about three years ago. As they wanted to use the space to dry off after a dip in their adjacent hot-tub throughout the year, our staff researched heaters that would warm the space and our clients. After looking at several models, we selected an Infratech infrared heater that mounted on the wall near the ceiling and has been used by the clients ever since with no issues. We would definitely use an Infratech product again in another project.”
“I highly recommend Infratech products.We have used their heaters for most of our projects and have never gotten a complaint from any of our customers. There very effective and very stylish. I will continue to use them and will refer them to other clients as well as others in the industry.”
– Mclaughlin Landscape Construction
“We used Infratech on a project and our client was extremely happy about this. We have specified their heaters in several new projects! Very effective heaters and sleek design.”
– Integrated Design Studio, Inc.