Project Spotlight: The Wave House by Mario Romano

The newly constructed “Wave House,” a 5,700 sq. ft. Venice home sitting on Morningside Way, is a true stunner. Featuring 6 rooms including an expansive outdoor space, it was built from the ground up, taking 17 months to complete. With its organic shape and white aluminum skin, it’s distinctively created by architect and designer, Mario Romano. We recently spoke with Romano about his inspiration behind his beautiful, unique, and intricate design.


What were you looking to achieve with this design?
Definitely interconnectedness, fluidity, intricately woven and experiential. The front facade was all about a more organic geometry, fluid interconnectedness between lines and the rooms between the first and second floor. The Wave House is a breakout project in that to achieve this level of complex geometry in architecture is unprecedented.

What were your goals going into this project?
I wanted this home to be family and pet friendly. The house wraps around the pool so you can see it from four different interior spaces. One of the spaces is an outdoor lounge with a movie theater and built-in Infratech heaters.


The outdoor space seems to possess a Zen quality. What were your inspirations with the outdoor lounge?
When I was creating the outdoor lounge, I imagined a place where friends and family could gather and be warm outdoors just as they would indoors. By building in the space heaters, we were able to project a full sized movie theater and really allow people to enjoy the benefits of outdoor living with the convenience of an indoor room.

When and why did you decide to install Infratech heaters?
I’ve used [Infratech] in the past. I think I was just browsing the Internet looking for a good high-quality outdoor heater that could be easily controlled, installed, and reassessed. The built-in heaters offer interconnectedness to my designs and really blend in nicely.


What are your favorite/proudest parts from this project?
My favorite part of the project is the front facade; the flowing organic white metal. The white bird “feather” facade is also one of my favorites. It rises two stories high and if you watch it throughout the day, the shadows are constantly moving.

Do you think outdoor design is becoming a requirement for homeowners and why?
Absolutely. Designing and creating comfortable outdoor spaces are becoming more of a standard, particularly in Southern California.



Photos by Jason Speth