Project Spotlight: Tetons Residence by Ro | Rockett Design

Photo by Gabe Border

Ro | Rockett Design is an architecture and design collaborative based in both San Francisco and Los Angeles. The firm was co-founded in 2011 by architects Jason Ro and Zac Rockett and now boasts the skills of nine other talented architects and designers. Ro | Rockett specializes in designs that focus on the use of natural light and materials with character. The award-winning firm operates in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Aspen, and Jackson Hole.

Recently, Ro | Rockett’s work on a breathtaking family home in majestic Teton County, Idaho has been gaining notice from prestigious architectural magazines such as Dwell and Dezeen for its stunning, site-sensitive design. Perched above a marshland and with gorgeous views of the Grand Teton mountain range, the environment was a priority — not just for pleasure, but also for preservation. Our design-friendly, eco-conscious outdoor heaters blended seamlessly into the rustic, minimalist design so the homeowners could enjoy the beautiful surrounding landscape in any weather. We sat down with Ro | Rockett to learn why they chose Infratech for the particular challenges of a mountain home.

Photo by Gabe Border

1. Why did you choose to include Infratech’s WD-6024 SS flush mounted heaters in this outdoor design? 

We choose the WD-6024 for their low profile and performance.  We were working with a very tall space and the WD-6024 gave us the output and control to condition the covered deck space that our clients asked us to provide.  With the performance of the units they are able to extend the use of the outdoor space. 

2. What do you look for when choosing accents for outdoor spaces? 

We look for the ability to integrate seamlessly with the materials and architecture that we have specified. 

Photo by Gabe Border

3. How do you design outdoor spaces to accommodate for different geography and landscape types, and this one in particular? 

In this case the outdoor space was all about the view to the mountains and sky beyond.  The architecture was set up to frame those views for their respective orientations.  In this case a covered deck was in order given the solar conditions as well as the precipitation of the region.  Prevalent winds out of the southwest led us to a shielded space that that corner where cooking was to occur so that it could also be used year round.

Photo by Gabe Border

4. What makes this Grand Tetons family retreat different from other outdoor spaces that you’ve created?

This project is unique in that getting outdoors doesn’t always mean getting feet on the ground.  The surrounding land is predominantly marshlands and while there is an elevated yard, the deck is very much the primary outdoor space despite being in an expanse field.

Photo by Gabe Border

5. What inspires you when creating a custom outdoor space for clients?

The thought and image of them using the space to the fullest and the spaces allowing for a repeatedly evolving experience of the surroundings inspires us.  Flexibility is key to allow for as many types and methods of using the space as well.  We don’t want to be so prescriptive that a user finds themselves unable to use a space because it doesn’t match their personal patters of use.