Project Spotlight: Meadow Creak Residence by Arcanum Architecture, Inc.

Located in Woodside, CA on a large hidden lot at the end of the road, Meadow Creak Residence stops at a creek and densely wooded hillside. The site has a rural feel as the property stretches from north to south, allowing the main spaces to embrace its views. This 9,800 square foot home is designed by Arcanum Architecture, Inc., a San Francisco based design firm with a portfolio of modern styled homes. We spoke with Arcanum’s architects about the details of Meadow Creek Residence and what they were looking to achieve with this design.


1. What were your goals going into this project?

It was important for us to break up the massing of the home; we wanted to create a compound residence that engaged the whole site. The main spaces are separated into different masses, connected by glass transition spaces with floor to ceiling glazing. We used large sliding and pocketing glass doors in all of the main spaces to allow them to open up and blur the line between inside and outside.

2. Walk us through the design. What were the inspirations with this particular house and its outdoor space?

The clients were heavily influenced by travels to eastern Asia and became enamored with the simple hip roof forms that make up the main masses of the residence. We extended the hip roof form past the living room and anchored the outdoor space with a fireplace. This space allows the living room to extend outside. Using the fireplace and/or the heaters, the owners can use the space year round.


3. When and why did you decide to install Infratech heaters?

We wanted to find a heater that was easy to install, easy to use, and was easy to recess. We are pleased with how the heaters work and look. Being able to recess them into the roof was key to our design.

4. Do you think outdoor design is becoming a requirement for homeowners, especially in the Bay Area, and why?

Outdoor spaces are an important element when designing a residence in the Bay Area. There is a mild climate here and these spaces can be enjoyed year round. We always strive to create spaces that blur the lines between inside and out. It is important that the owners can feel connected to their properties and enjoy the outdoor spaces year round.




Landcape Architect: Bernard Trainor + Associates

Contractor: Mark Kelley Construction Co, Inc.

Photographer: Bernard Andre Photography