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W-Series single element heaters

  • W-Series- Stainless Steel – 39”
  • W-Series- Stainless Steel – 61.25”
  • W-Series- Stainless Steel – Detail
  • W-Series- Stainless Steel – Back Detail
  • W-Series- White – 61.25”
  • W-Series- White – Detail
  • W Series – Biscuit – 61.25″
  • W Series – Biscuit – Detail
  • W-Series- Almond – 61.25”
  • W-Series- Almond – Detail
  • W-Series- Beige – 61.25”
  • W-Series- Beige – Detail
  • W-Series- Bronze – 61.25”
  • W-Series- Bronze – Detail
  • W-Series- Black – 61.25”
  • W-Series- Black – Detail
With a variety of sizes to choose from, it is important to select the proper W-Series single element heater in order to provide the coverage and intensity necessary for optimum comfort. Some home or business owners may need to use multiple heaters, in order to completely cover larger areas. W-Series heaters range from 1,500 to 4,000 watts.
  • Our classic W-Series fixtures are ideal for most basic installations
  • Features include: minimal clearance requirements, recessed mounting options, short standoffs and mounting heights between 7-11 feet
  • Choose from 1,500-4,000 watt and 120-480 volt capacities
  • Compatible with solid state controls for larger-scale residential or commercial use
  • Choose from brushed stainless steel, standard and custom finish options
  • W-Series
  • W-Series
  • W-Series
  • W-Series
  • W-Series
  • W-Series
  • W-Series
  • W-Series
  • W-Series
  • W-Series


Our low profile heaters are suitable for indoor and outdoor installations, and offer a pleasing, streamlined look due to low clearance requirements. Infratech heaters may be flush mounted into a non-sloped ceiling using our optional flush mount frame, or may be mounted to a wall, ceiling, or pole mounted.

flush mount
ceiling mount
wall mount
pole mount


W-Series heaters are also available in a range of colors, to coordinate with your interior or exterior environment.

Custom color options also available

coverage area

Different spaces have different needs. You may require multiple heaters in order to properly heat the areas noted above. Contact us to learn which model is right for you. To find out more about which heating solution is right for your needs, click here to get started

Note: Indoor or well-protected environments will generally exceed average coverage areas. Heaters can provide less than average coverage in extremely cold/windy conditions.

W-1533”1,500 or +
W-2039”2,000 or +
W-2539”2,500 or +
W-3061-1/4”3,000 or +
W-4061-1/4”4,000 +
On/Off Switch
INF Input Regulators
One Zone Remote Analog Control
Main Relay Control Panel