Lounge furniture. All-weather colored umbrellas. Throw pillows. There are many ways to infuse an outdoor space with your own unique aesthetic. Now you can enjoy added warmth that coordinates with your décor.

Infratech custom heating systems help outdoor spaces transition into comfortable sites for entertaining. In addition to our standard colors, sizes, control options and heating capacities, our associates are pleased to work with customers in order to design one-of-a-kind solutions for your home or business.

Wynn Hotel Custom Heaters

The finest hotels and resorts use Infratech to design custom heaters and control packages that seamlessly integrate into the total design and style of their properties. Working directly with clients, designers, architects and engineers, we can develop new heater shapes, colors and profiles that are unique to your specific project.

We also design and manufacture custom UL Listed 508 controls to regulate much more than just heat output regulation. Canopy and shade controls, timers, motion sensors, or other capabilities can be combined in the custom control package, which can be designed to function as part of your building’s energy management systems.

Custom Fabrication

Infratech’s diverse experience and extensive manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide a wide range of solutions that meet your specific project needs. We would enjoy hearing from you and assisting you through the design of functionally efficient and aesthetically pleasing fixtures and controls for your special project. Contact for more details