Universal Control Packages

The Universal Control is a complete solution that will work with almost any 120V Lighting.

  • The exclusive Universal Control Panel allows you to install and control your Infratech heaters using the switches of your choice, to coordinate controls with your home or commercial property’s décor.
  • Create multiple heating zones – an ideal feature for larger residential or commercial properties.
  • Control your Infratech heating system from a smartphone or tablet via the optional Bluetooth® or Z-Wave feature, for remote control functionality without a smart home management system.
  • Infratech’s Universal Control Panel is 508/UL-listed and made in the USA.
surface mounted
universal control panel
30-4071 1 Relay Universal Panel
30-4072 2 Relay Universal Panel
30-4073 3 Relay Universal Panel
30-4074 4 Relay Universal Panel
30-4075 5 Relay Universalt Panel
30-4076 6 Relay Universal Panel