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How to Prepare Your Outdoor Living Space for Fall

As the weather begins to cool down, it’s time to do some maintenance in your home, including your outdoor space. It’s important to make sure everything will operate efficiently through the cold and rain. Here is a checklist of to-dos to extend your outdoor living safely and comfortably.

Schedule Backyard Fireplace Maintenance
One of fall’s key home entertainment features is your outdoor fireplace. Exposure to changing climate conditions can cause problems, especially if your fireplace hasn’t been maintained in awhile. Check for cracks and crumbling in corners that may cause a fireplace to be unstable. Also check for defective parts, especially for leaking gas or deteriorating burners. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, make sure plants around it are trimmed. These tips will help prevent fire accidents and allow outdoor entertainment in a safe backyard.


Maintain the Grill
Maintenance and cleaning ensures your outdoor grill is safe to use and effective in the stormier months. Clean up grease to prevent grease fire and check for spiders and insects nesting in burners and orifices that may cause gas to flow incorrectly. If you smell gas when the grill is on, if the appliance heats unevenly, or if you hear any popping noises, it’s time to schedule a maintenance.


Add Outdoor Infrared Heaters
Not only do Infratech heaters add comfort and style to any outdoor design, they also emit no greenhouse gas or harmful byproducts, are are odorless, operate at 93% efficiency, and are inexpensive to run. Our heaters are not affected by wind like gas or propane heaters, which is great for places with stormier weathers. They are virtually maintenance-free, with no tanks to refill or igniters to replace.


Add Weatherstripping to Outdoor Ceiling
Nothing is worse than rain leaking through your newly wood paneled outdoor ceiling. Take preventative measures while it’s still dry out and add weatherstrippings. This helps retain heat from the fireplace and outdoor heaters. It also helps the ceiling to not collapse from water deterioration.