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Outdoor Living Tips and Trends for Winter 2017


After the new year, many of our homeowner customers resolve to welcome new changes to their outdoor space. And with each year comes new trends! 2017’s design trends are particularly exciting to us because they center on sustainability and maximizing your backyard patio. Here are a few of our favorite trends this year and how to better utilize your outdoor space during the wintertime!

Image via Garden Glove

1. Color of the Moment
PANTONE® Color of the Year is “Greenery”, symbolizing new beginnings and embracing the great outdoors. This is a great opportunity to add natural elements to your patio, trellis, gazebo or outdoor living room. Consider using a large-scale, built-in planter to define the edge of an outdoor space or create a green backdrop for an outdoor patio or dining area. Succulents and native plants offer low maintenance care, as well as an eco-friendly way to maintain a garden. If you’re looking to add hardscape or fixtures that complement the look, Infratech heating systems are available in standard finishes or custom powder-coated color options to seamlessly integrate any tones of green.

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2. Sustainable Decor
Implementing sustainable furnishings and accessories crafted from natural elements with a reconstructed feel is another eco-friendly way to spruce up your outdoor living space. Choose stones, marble, and wood with organic shapes and forms to invoke the five elements of nature.


3. Spending More Time Outdoors
Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t use your backyard. In fact, studies have shown that getting as little as 5-15 minutes of daily exposure to sunlight can stimulate Vitamin D and boost serotonin levels. Opt to work out outdoors or in the comfort of your own backyard. This helps to boost your mood and enhance healthy skin. For a sustainable and low-maintenance way to dial up comfort, consider adding an Infratech heating system to an outdoor living room, kitchen, or deck.

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