Outdoor Design Spotlight: Kingswood Custom Homes

Kingswood Custom Homes is a luxury home builder serving the Charlotte, North Carolina and Charleston, South Carolina areas. Led by Founder and President Peter Leeke alongside his wife and Interior Designer Louise Leeke, the firm offers premier construction standards in bespoke homebuilding and intricate, large-scale renovations. The architects and designers at Kingswood are committed to the highest quality process and results, and are known for their all-inclusive project management, dedication to the craft, and eco-conscious design practices.

We spoke with the team at Kingswood to learn how and why they specify Infratech heaters in their custom residential designs and to get their thoughts on the elements of successful design, plus any forecast for 2020 design trends.


Kingswood Custom Homes creates beautiful, award-winning residential spaces. How do you highlight Traditional architectural design and the founders’ English heritage in each project?

The church where owners Louise and Peter Leeke were married features a unique hand cast date block inside dating back to when the church was first constructed in 1610. Peter and Louise have never forgotten the details of this from their wedding day, and a date block is lovingly reproduced into every house that Kingswood Custom Homes builds today. This stone marks the year that each home was created.

What influence do East Coast landscapes and climates have on your firm’s design process?

In both North Carolina and South Carolina, we still experience true seasons so the heaters are used extensively through the winter, and even into the fall and spring seasons. 


How do you design outdoor spaces to accommodate seasonal transitions? 

We like to incorporate ceiling fans, outdoor heaters, and automated screens into our outdoor living areas. This allows these areas to be used and enjoyed by our clients year-round. 


Why does your firm prefer to use Infratech heaters in outdoor designs? 

We like the wide range of solutions that Infratech offers, as each of our homes is completely custom and the Infratech heaters allow us to find the perfect solution for each project.

Infratech’s flush mount heaters are well-loved because of their ability to blend seamlessly with the design of any outdoor space. Was this a consideration when specifying Infratech?

This was absolutely one of the design features that led us to choose the flush mount Infratech WD-Series heater. We love how seamless the heater is with any of the ceiling treatments that we use outside.

What indoor / outdoor design trends do you forecast for Summer 2020?

We expect to see many more people utilizing their outdoor spaces due to being quarantined indoors for so long.