Outdoor Design Spotlight: Jerry’s Patio Cafe & Bar

Located in Marina del Rey, California, Jerry’s Patio Cafe & Bar is a new, contemporary eatery from the team behind Jerry’s Famous Deli. The indoor-outdoor restaurant was recreated as an upscale, comfy spot for salads, sandwiches, steaks, and cocktails with a raw seafood bar and COVID-friendly patio dining. We spoke with Jerry’s design team about the details of the restaurant, what they were looking to achieve with the space, and how they have adapted for safe and pleasant outdoor dining during the pandemic.

Please tell us a little bit about Jerry’s Patio Cafe & Bar.

From the company that owns Jerry’s Famous Deli, we are reimagining the brand with a modern take. For us that means better sourcing, a more targeted and thoughtful menu, seasonal ingredients while still checking the box on all the Jewish deli classics  just better than ever.

What was the overall inspiration for the design and location of this restaurant?

Being close to the water, we wanted to keep the design light and residential-looking with a clean, modern aesthetic.

Since the Southern California coast can get very chilly at times, how did your team design Jerry’s Patio Cafe & Bar to accommodate seasonal transitions and weather changes?

It was important to have heaters with a minimal footprint to not detract from the design, but still offer warmth. We are also installing clear curtains that can be rolled up or down to help retain heat when needed.

Which Infratech products did your team specify for this outdoor space and why?

Design and heat capability were our main two considerations, so we chose to wall mount Infratech’s WD-Series fixtures as they are high-powered and provide more concentrated heat for large scale coverage needs. Plus, the design and placement is so subtle that the heaters are barely noticeable.

Do you think outdoor dining has become somewhat essential for restaurant success since the COVID-19 pandemic began?

It is absolutely essential. In LA county, we are still not allowed to be open for indoor dining, so dining on the patio or via takeout are the only ways we are currently able to operate. 

What trends have you noticed lately in outdoor space design for restaurants and bars?

A lot of restaurants are taking over parking spaces or sidewalks – some investing more money into them than others. We are lucky enough to have a large intentional patio that obviously elevates the experience, but more and more patrons are leaning into outdoor dining. We are also seeing a huge push in take-out services and more casual dining experiences.