Outdoor Design Spotlight: Designer of Record-Setting $38M Home in Newport Beach, Eric Trabert of ETA Design

Eric Trabert and Associates, Inc. is an award-winning Residential Design firm in Southern California offering new, innovative and creative ways to express unique personality and comfort in residential design.

One of the firm’s most recent designs was a record-setting $38 million custom residence in Newport Beach, California. Recently featured in the likes of Variety, the Wall Street Journal, and the O.C. Register, this stunning and massive home has received its fair share of press for boasting the most expensive sale ever in the gated community of Crystal Cove, and the second most expensive in all of Newport Coast.

The outdoor living spaces host sprawling balconies with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, a 65-foot infinity pool, perfectly manicured lawns, and a luxury outdoor kitchen with multiple dining areas featuring flush-mounted Infratech WD-Series heaters. Infratech heating systems were a natural choice for this project because they combine the highest levels of design, functionality and comfort, and our custom controls provide convenient integration with the property’s smart home concept.

We sat down with the firm’s award-winning designer, Eric Trabert, to discuss his overall creative inspiration and what he looks for when choosing products and accents for luxury outdoor living spaces.


What would you say is the cornerstone of your firm’s work?

E.T.A.’s main focus is in designing high-end, show-stopping, single-family homes in the OC’s most exclusive gated communities such as Crystal Cove, Newport Coast, Shady Canyon and Covenant Hills. We also do remodels and additions.

Why do you often choose Infratech heaters for your designs?

I often choose Infratech heaters due to their low profile design and ability to seamlessly integrate into our ceiling layouts.

Photo by Legacy Custom Homes, Newport CA

What is your favorite thing about the heaters?

My favorite thing about Infratech heaters is that they function as well as they look. Living in Southern California, the weather is enjoyable pretty much year-round. But when living on the coast, it does get much cooler, so having outdoor heating sources like Infratech allow the homeowners to comfortably spend more time enjoying their outdoor space in the evenings.

What outdoor features do your customers look for most when choosing a luxury home?

Our clients always want to take maximum advantage of their potential outdoor space. Decks, pools, patios (both covered and not) — these are the most common design elements requested.