Outdoor Design Spotlight: Clark | Richardson Architects

Partners April Clark and Ed Richardson formed the architecture firm Clark | Richardson Architects with the goal of creating functional, elegant spaces through form, sustainability and detail. Based in Austin, Texas, C|R has completed numerous AIA Merit and NARI award-winning custom residential and commercial projects across Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Alabama, and New Mexico. Read on to get a glimpse into their creative process and individualized approach to design.

What design elements separate you & your firm’s style from others in your area?

Versatility of style and process separates us from the rest. We adhere to the idea that every project is singular and must speak of the client’s wants, the setting, the obstacles, etc., and style thus varies. The elements that unite our projects however are the attention to even the smallest particulars, constant communication with all parties involved, and a high standard in output.

Why does your firm specify Infratech heaters for your outdoor designs?

We choose to place Infratech heaters in our outdoor designs for both their sleek design and functional properties. We find them to work extremely well and, because they are minimally designed, easily integrable with our designs.

What would you say is the largest influence on your overall home design or build process?

The biggest influence is always the client and what they bring to the table: their goals, desires, and point of view. This we interpret through our architectural lens, informed by our amassed experience and knowledge, careful study and our processes.

What outdoor/indoor living trends are you seeing for Winter 2019?

Winter will bring rich natural materials to the forefront, seeking a harmonious connection of materiality with the exterior settings. You can expect warm woods and stones (such as walnut and limestone) accented by bold minimalist & modern fixtures.