Maximize Comfort and Design Impact With Sleek, High-Powered New C-Series Heaters From Infratech

Now you can maximize warmth in your outdoor space without compromising the design when you choose Infratech’s sleek, minimalist new Contemporary C-Series. Infratech heaters have long been amenities of choice for the upscale restaurants, night clubs, hotels, resorts and residential properties because we offer the widest range of design options in the outdoor comfort heat category. We’re excited to expand those options yet again, with our designer-friendly, high-powered C-Series single element and CD-Series dual element heating systems.

Choose Infratech C-Series and CD-Series heaters because:

  • They are ideal for use in high visibility locations where design is a consideration and concentrated heat output is desired.
  • They incorporate inset mounting brackets that create a floating effect when mounted for a streamlined, minimalist profile that complements any architectural style.
  • C-Series and CD-Series provide significant heat output and can be used in applications with mounting heights of 7-11 or 8-14 feet, respectively.
  • Options include brushed stainless steel, standard and custom color finishes for a look that seamlessly blends into the surrounding decor.
  • They are compatible with a variety of control options – including solid state controls with multiple zoning capabilities – for optimal versatility, convenience and style.
  • Like all Infratech products, C-Series and CD-Series heaters are proudly made in the USA from durable 304 stainless steel that is capable of withstanding years of exposure to the elements, and are supported by Infratech’s Three-Year Warranty – the most extensive in the industry.

To learn more about Infratech’s C-Series and CD-Series heaters, click here.