Landscape Architecture Design Spotlight: Studio H

With over 55 years in both residential and commercial design, Studio H Landscape Architecture prides their business on eco-friendly, creative ideas that address modern design challenges to deliver high-quality results specific to client needs. Along with his designers from his team, such as the talented Tolalf Larson, Studio H principal Warwick Hunt uses the latest sustainable products and practices to offer a premium, cost-efficient design service from concept to construction. We spoke with designer Tolalf Larson to get a professional perspective on relevant landscape architecture trends today.


What trends have you noticed in outdoor room design?

Sustainability and maintenance. Homeowners are looking to do their part and cut back on water usage, while also looking to help themselves out by selecting plant material that requires less maintenance.

What inspires you when creating a custom space for your clients?

Our clients!  As designers they are the most integral part of our job. If we fail to meet their needs, goals for the space then we aren’t doing our job correctly. In order to do so, it is important to form a relationship with them and understand what exactly they are looking for now…as well as how the space can be used in the future.

How do your customers’ outdoor lifestyles influence your designs?

As stated previously once you are able to form a relationship and understand what the client ‘thinks’ they need, you are able to expand on their ideas. Working together with them in a collaborative, open environment where both parties are able to make suggestions is important.

How do you design your spaces to accommodate seasonal transitions?

Seasons? Here in Southern California?! Perhaps it is important to remember that while we do live in sunny California, not every person wants to be in the sun at all times of the day. We need to give the clients options, ways to escape the heat and sun exposure. I think we as designers need to consider how these spaces will be utilized year round.

Photos by Studio H Landscape Architecture. More info on Studio H Landscape Architecture available here.