Introducing the Lyric Thermostat

Step aside Nest, there’s a new smart thermostat in town.

We know a thing or two about heating things up, and when a new home climate system hits the market, it’s definitely something to talk about!

Back in 2011 the Nest Thermostat broke into the smart home arena and revolutionized indoor climate control. The savvy device learned its users’ habits and developed a more efficient and cost-effective heating and cooling solution. But smart home technology is only getting smarter. A short three years after the release of Nest, Honeywell not only caught up with the competition, but surpassed it with its own smart thermostat, the Lyric. Here’s three reasons why we’ve left the Nest and moved on to the best thermostat on the market, the Lyric.


Lyric adapts to your changing schedule­ 

Nest’s system of remembering your schedule becomes inefficient when your routine unexpectedly changes. What if you pick the kids up early from school or get the afternoon off work? The Nest won’t have your home at the perfect temperature, but the Lyric will. By using geofencing technology the Lyric tracks your location through your smart home and sets up a perimeter of 500ft or 7 miles around your home, informing the Lyric of when you are on your way back. By the time you walk through the door, you’re in your ideal climate.


Lyric monitors more than just the temperature

72 degrees in the freezing winter vs the same temperature in the hot summer can often feel very different. Instead of simply heating or cooling your space to a set number like the Nest, the Lyric takes other factors into account like humidity. By connecting to the internet and monitoring real time weather changes, the Lyric creates an perfectly comfortable indoor climate based on multiple weather factors.

Lyric makes your home more efficient

This smart thermostat is constantly collecting data, recording how long it takes to heat and cool to a certain temperature or notes when there are unusual changes in your AC’s or heater’s performance. It even looks at these numbers year over year and lets you know when you need maintenance, saving you money in the long run and creating an uber efficient system.




We are excited to see how Nest responds to this new competition, how Honeywell will improve the Lyric in the coming years, and what new innovations and companies will enter the field. Have a Nest, Lyric or simply love your manual thermostat? Share your thoughts on the ever-evolving world of indoor climate control in the comments below.

Story and photographs via Fast Co. Design