Smart Home Integration

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Your smart home
just got more intelligent.

Convenience. Efficiency. If you’re a smart home owner, you value the ability to get the most automation control out of your living space. This is why we offer the option to integrate Infratech heating system controls directly with your home management system.

Smart Home Controls
  • Our range of control options is compatible with top-selling systems like Lutron,™ Crestron,™ Control 4,™ and others.
  • Most home management systems offer an assortment of decorative switches, wall plates and operator interfaces. You can choose the home automation control options best suited to your needs when connecting an Infratech heating system to your selected smart home management system.
  • Infratech’s simple interface requires a 0-10 V DC signal for streamlined installation and straightforward programming.
  • Choose from a range of programming options through your home management system, including the ability to save preferred heating settings for off-site control via mobile device, and more.

Infratech + smart home setup

Smart Home Select

STEP 1: Select the Home Management System that provides the best functionality for your lifestyle. Contact us to check compatibility.

Smart Home Install

STEP 2: Install the Infratech heater or heating system that best complements the needs of your space.

Smart Home Connect

STEP 3: Connect your Infratech heating control to the smart control panel, with the assistance of a licensed electrician.