Infratech Visionaries: Abramson Architects’ Associate Principal David Pascu on Eco-Friendly, Modern Warmth

This installment of Infratech Visionaries features associate principal David Pascu who is part of the award-winning team at Abramson Architects. Their work has been recognized with an International Design Gold Award, as well as numerous awards from the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Build and Trends Magazines, and the LA Business Council, to name a few. 

Abramson Architects specialize in commercial, residential, institutional and retail architecture. Pascu and the Abramson team strive for designs that are attuned to the geography and location of each site. They incorporate features and amenities that extend indoor comfort into outdoor spaces in unique ways that complement the lifestyles of their clients. Their residential aesthetic combines the openness and clean lines of modern design with materials that add warmth and livability.

In our latest Infratech Visionaries video, we sat down with David to discuss why he specifies Infratech heaters when designing comfortable indoor-outdoor spaces that seamlessly engage with an area’s surrounding environment. Watch below and learn more about Abramson Architects on our Visionaries page.