Infratech Heaters Are a Natural Choice for Luxurious, Sustainable Ziering Residence

When driving the Pacific Coast Highway through Pacific Palisades, one visually striking house dominates the landscape: the Ziering Residence.ziering_shot2

Nestled in the hills and with a sweeping view of the ocean, the 9,000 square foot home feels simultaneously organic and minimalist, blending into and making use of the gorgeous surrounding landscape. Designed by Zoltan Pali of Culver City, CA architecture firm SPF: architects, the house is not only the epitome of luxury, but also of sustainability. The building makes use of photovoltaic panels and evacuated solar tube collectors to produce electricity, as well as hot water. Shading devices and a heat recovery ventilation system, among other earth-friendly practices, are also part of the design. With this focus on eco-friendliness, it only makes sense that the residence has Infratech heaters.

The curved eaves of the roof shelter the home’s concrete patio area, where residents can enjoy the impressive views under our flush-mounted infrared heaters. The design is so subtle that the heaters blend effortlessly in, while providing energy-efficient heat without any toxic emissions. The heaters’ interior quartz element emits a wavelength of heat that is absorbed only by solid objects, so that the warmth won’t simply blow away on those summer nights where the cool ocean breeze drifts in and leaves a slight chill in the air.




Photos via Bruce Damonte.