Infratech Featured on Property Brothers & Bargain Mansions

Infratech heaters made a special appearance on HGTV’s Property Brothers (Season 13, Episode 8) and DIY Network’s Bargain Mansions (Season 2, Episodes 1 & 13)! Our SL-Series and WD-Series heaters were chosen by the shows’ teams in the design and improvement of three different home renovation projects.

Property Brothers – Episode 8

Episode 8 of Property Brothers Season 13 featured a fun, contemporary family home. To make the home’s indoor aesthetic flow seamlessly into the outdoor living area, Drew and Jonathan designed a cozy haven on the back patio.

Mosquito-proof screening, a custom wood-burning fireplace, and our WD-Series heaters create the perfect setting for friends and neighbors to gather for good times in any season.

Bargain Mansions – Episode 1

Season 2 of Bargain Mansions began by tackling the renovation of a charming cottage house. What started as a cramped home is now a functional, family-friendly Dutch Tudor Cottage where the family can expand their living space and keep cozy on the porch under our subtle, design-friendly SL-Series heaters.

“What’s nice about [Infratech heaters] is they aren’t super big and clunky. They blend right in and put off sooo much heat!!” writes designer and host Tamara Day. With the help of Infratech heaters, Tamara was able to bring new possibilities in outdoor living and family fun to this compact cottage.

Bargain Mansions – Episode 13

A challenging two-deck Tudor was the focus of Bargain Mansions Season 2, episode 13. The sleek, black slimline Infratech heaters that Tamara chose complement the beige, black, and grey accents of the home.

Installing our heating elements on both deck levels gives these homeowners hundreds of extra days to enjoy all of their outdoor living spaces in comfort.