Reopen Your Restaurant According to State Guidelines

Now that restaurants are beginning to reopen in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic closures, social norms and safety guidelines are evolving to promote enhanced public health. Guidelines differ from state to state, but one overarching theme promoted in the National Restaurant Association’s COVID-19 Reopening Guidance is the prioritization of outdoor seating. By adding additional seating in open-air spaces like patios, terraces and even sidewalk areas, restaurants can safely welcome additional guests and maximize income while remaining in compliance with the new guidelines. 

If your restaurant doesn’t have a dedicated outdoor space, you can easily adapt your exterior to add inviting, comfortable dining areas. Leading restaurants, hospitality companies and hot spots like the Ace Hotel, Beverly Hills Hotel, Chateau Marmont, Four Seasons Hotels, Caesar’s Palace, Houston’s, Nobu, P.F. Chang’s, Starbucks, and Cheesecake Factory, to name a few, have added Infratech heating systems to increase outdoor seating at their properties. Infratech electric heating systems are easy to install, require zero maintenance and are available in a range of mounting options and heating capacities that can be configured to work within your restaurant’s existing footprint. In addition, Infratech heaters are 90% energy efficient, in contrast to traditional gas heaters that are less than 50% efficient. 

Welcome Dining Customers Back Faster

Most restaurants will be offering sidewalk dining in accordance with state guidelines for reopening — and to drive increased revenue over the long term. Infratech electric heaters can easily be pole-mounted to a trellis or cabana, or wall-mounted to a restaurant’s exterior, to expedite your return to business.

Retrofit Your Outdoor Patio for Reopening

Your reopening plan should include accommodations for open-air seating. By adding outdoor heating for just 20 tables, you can welcome guests outside in comfort and safety. This gives you the potential to serve more customers, expanding use of your outdoor space by an additional 60 days/nights, for a total of 300 extra customers per year.

For years, Infratech has been a partner of choice for some of the most popular and exclusive restaurants, hotels and hospitality properties around the world. We can help you reopen your restaurant safely and quickly by offering solutions that help you comply with the new state guidelines. Whether your property is a backyard patio or sprawling mega-resort, our team has the design and engineering expertise, heating options and control systems to meet your needs. To request a complimentary custom design for your space, contact us.