Enjoy Voice-Activated And Remote Mobile Control With The New Universal Control Panel From Infratech

Hands-free voice activation is a game-changing lifestyle enhancement for those seeking a more accessible home, whether you are living with a disability, Aging in Place, or simply an early tech adopter. Now you can enjoy the convenience of voice-activated, smart home-enabled outdoor comfort heat without investing and installing a comprehensive home management system with Infratech’s Universal Control Panel. 

This innovative option lets you control your heating system remotely with your mobile device, or using hands-free voice activation via smart home assistants like the Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, or Google Home Smart Speaker. Using apps compatible with Alexa, Siri or the Google Home Assistant, you can literally control the heat without leaving your seat – or even reaching for your smartphone or tablet – with hands-free voice activation. Even better? Infratech is the only outdoor comfort heating provider that offers this option.

Ready to get started? Consult a licensed electrician to install your Infratech heaters and Universal Control Panel, and help you configure your system. To learn more about Infratech’s new Universal Control Panel and view the full custom control lineup, please visit: http://infratech-usa.com/products/controls/