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Designer Spotlight: Two Trails, Inc.

When builder Drew Smith founded in 2001, he was one of the first to recognize the importance of sustainable, environmentally-conscious building practices. Over a decade later, Smith is at the forefront of the industry, serving as the Green Building Commissioner for the State of Florida, founding the Florida Green Building Coalition, and helping countless commercial and residential builders conform to the LEED standards for certification.


Since 2011, Two Trails has worked as consultants on the National Association of Home BuildersNew American Home. When the firm began work on the 2014 home, they knew their plans would require energy efficient, eco-friendly heaters to transition between the hot days and chilly nights of the home’s Nevada desert location. We talked with Two Trails about how they used Infratech heaters to complement the design of the home.

What was your overall inspiration for the design of the space? 

The overall inspiration for the design of the space was to create a space that could be homeowner friendly for year round use.

What made you select Infratech heaters for the New American Home? 

We selected Infratech heaters because of their clean lines and integration ability into the ceilings. The willingness of Infratech to participate and assist with technological expertise as it relates to the integration of their heaters was also a key factor.

What do you like most about Infratech heaters? 

We really like the seamless design of the fixtures.

How are your customers’ outdoor living lifestyles influencing your designs? 

Consumers these days seem to expect spaces to be designed for multiple use so with this particular home, by integrating Infratech heaters, along with roll down screens, it allows the outdoor living spaces to be used even in the cold Nevada nights.




Photos via Phantom Screens