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Designer Spotlight: Outdoor Space Designs


Becky Horan is the owner of Outdoor Space Designs, a Sacramento, CA firm that focuses on creating outdoor rooms that cater to homeowners’ goals and lifestyles. Known for her collaborative approach and attention to her clients’ needs, Horan creates outdoor spaces where families can entertain guests or lounge in solitude. We spoke with Horan to learn how she used Infratech heaters in her recent designs for a Folsom, CA area home and how this decision has made outdoor living simpler and more convenient for her clients.

What was your initial goal, during the planning phase of this project, for transforming this outdoor space? 

These homeowners spend a lot of time entertaining and relaxing outside. They really wanted their outdoor space to reflect the causal, comfortable style on the inside of their home. Having the ability to use the their outdoor living area year-round comfortably was on the top of their list.  

This project was very concerned with reclaiming and economizing space. How much did minimalist design influence the outcome of this project? 

The patio needed to be able to accommodate entertainment of small or large groups quickly and seamlessly without a lot of shuffling things around. Eliminating the free-standing patio heater was a must in order to make use of valuable patio space. By installing the Infratech Slimline heaters on the patio cover we were able make room for additional seating which can quickly shift together to fit larger groups.

With this design, you successfully created a seamless transition from interior space to exterior space. How did you do this and why? 

My clients wanted this space to be usable year-round. The outdoor area is located directly outside of the indoor living area. I wanted the space to feel like one continuous living space when the door is open. Placement of the Infratech heaters played a large role in creating an outdoor environment that mirrored the inside.

The biggest change for the homeowners has been the ease of use. They don’t even think twice about sitting outside if the weather is a bit chilly. With, the propane heater it was such a process — constantly moving the bulky tank around for optimal positioning and then if you were too close you were on fire! Now it is effortless to entertain comfortably as the night gets cooler with just a quick turn of the dial.

What was the biggest overall inspiration for this space design? How much of this design was influenced by the clients desires/needs over your own vision? 

The homeowners desired a complete outdoor entertaining area with adequate lounging and dining space. The space needed to be able to quickly shift depending on the style and type of entertaining. They have since been able to flip-flop their seating and dining areas to entertain outdoor dinner parties under the new heaters.

By incorporating Infratech Slim Line heaters into this space there is an element of eco-conscious, sustainable design. What other elements of this completed space fit within this theme? 

We were able to reclaim an older conversation set the clients had. A coat of paint on the frame and a fresh set of pillows allowed us to reuse these pieces they already had. 

How did doing away with the bulky, propane heater formerly occupying this space both enhance and simplify the usability of this outdoor area?   

Having two Slimline Infratech heaters makes it so easy to control the temperature on the entire patio. No more huddling around a propane heater to stay warm while anyone outside the circle was left in the cold — literally! The heat disbursement now evenly covers the area and guests can remain in their original seats even as the sun goes down.