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Designer Spotlight: Mosaic Outdoor Living from TV’s Mega Decks

Mosaic Outdoor Living and Colorado Custom Decks specialize in patios, decks, outdoor living rooms, and landscape design. Founded in 1985 by Gail and Garth Hystad, the design and build firm believes that outdoor living is an art, and their design work capitalizes on the natural beauty of their home state of Colorado.


The firm has recently been spotlighted on the DIY Network’s Mega Decks program, where the team constructs truly impressive spaces with features ranging from entertainment systems to outdoor kitchens. We spoke to company founder & president Garth about why he uses Infratech heaters on the show and why he recommends them to his clients.

What made you select Infratech heaters for your designs?
…The versatility and variety of options they have. They come in all sizes. With our projects a lot of them are really big, upscale projects but the capacity for electricity varies, so those options are invaluable. We also love the the streamlined look of the heaters. They give off a really soft glow in comparison to some [heaters] that give off a harsh glow so that works with the natural look of our projects. We also feel that they are really a good dollar value for the quality product they are. They really are at a good price point for a really good quality product.

What is your favorite thing about the heaters?
To be able to control your heat. And the slimline profile fits in really great with outdoor living spaces.

“Our specialty is creating outdoor spaces they can use regardless of the season. It’s a year round opportunity and there we’ve found your product to be invaluable.”

What inspires you to come up with your designs for outdoor living spaces?
Every client has a life story, so myself and the Mega Decks team, we get to know our clients and find out what their life story is. We look at why they bought their home, why they love their home and why they’d like to invest in their outdoor living area. For most people we find that their home is replaceable but they love their location. They love their property and what they see and part of that same piece is outdoor living. We take what’s important to them and create an overall outdoor living space. Our specialty is creating outdoor spaces they can use regardless of the season. It’s a year round opportunity and there we’ve found your product to be invaluable. Like today we’re having thunderstorms, it’s the first week of July and it’s 56 and raining. But our clients—the way we design our outdoor living spaces—they’ll be able to enjoy a great dinner outside. They need heat; no one loves the cold when it comes to outdoor living. We combine warmth and outdoor beauty and we create a project that tells our clients’ life story in the best way.

How are your customers’ outdoor living lifestyles influencing your designs?
Most of my clients do not have an outdoor living lifestyle we can use to dictate what we’re going to do. Most people in Colorado don’t have an outdoor living space that considers the weather and elements….when we create these outdoor living spaces with these amazing features, I talk about “paint” and the “paint” we use would be the features—whether there’s a fireplace, an outdoor kitchen, a bbq grill. It’s “paint” and each is reflective of your color. We find out what’s your [the client’s] favorite color and we look at their home and how the wind and weather affect their outdoor living and that tells us how we use that “paint” to create our clients’ outdoor living masterpieces. It gets them to be able to enjoy the outdoors no matter what time of year and what the weather. That’s why your product plays a pivotal role in allowing our clients to come out and enjoy the weather when everyone is locked inside their cabin for six months.