Designer Spotlight: Marc-Michaels

With an equal focus on luxury and livability, Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Inc. has consistently been named one of Interior Design Magazine’s “Top 100 Interior Design Firms in the World.” When the National Association of Home Builders invited the design firm to work on the 2014 New American Home, the Boca Raton-based interior designers knew they wanted to create a space that would seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living.

The palatial home, built in the foothills of Henderson, NV’s exclusive Sky Terrace housing development, is modern, elegant – and also on the cutting edge of energy efficiency. Marc-Michaels’ interiors emphasize the natural beauty of the mountainous landscape, while Infratech heaters blend into the design organically, subtly adding comfort to cold desert nights. We spoke with the elite design firm about how our heaters enhanced the home.


Photo via The Wall Street Journal

What was your overall inspiration for the design of the space?
We were inspired to create a home that lives flexibly and that blurs the indoor/outdoor line.

What do you like most about Infratech heaters? 
We loved the integration into the ceiling… they do not at all distract from the design aesthetic. They also did a wonderful job of heating the space.

How are your customers’ outdoor living lifestyles influencing your designs?
Our clients’ lifestyles ARE the influencing factor in how we design functionality within all spaces. We firmly believe that your home should live for you! We love every time we can incorporate a product (like Infratech Heaters) that makes life easier and/or more enriching for our clients.
















Photo via Marc-Michaels Interior Design