Designer Spotlight: Lombardi Construction

Based out of Manhattan Beach, Lombardi Construction specializes in creating beautiful, luxurious homes for the unique environment of Southern California’s beach cities. Building a beachfront home means year-round outdoor living and incredible natural vistas, but it also means working to ensure that projects are suited to coastal conditions.


With twenty-four years’ worth of experience, founder and president Chris Lombardi combines the knowledge and skill set of a large builder with the attention and care of a small business. A carpenter by trade, he works with the client, architect, designer and contractor to create high-quality homes tailored to the individual’s lifestyle needs. We spoke to Chris to see why he chose Infratech Comfort Heaters to facilitate the outdoor lifestyle of this specially-designed beach city British Colonial Home.

What made you select Infratech heaters for this Southern California home?

We like the fact that they have a recessed (flush mount) application where the body of the heater is set into the building frame. We like electric heat over gas—always—in a residential application. Given these two criteria, Infratech, in my perception, is the standard. They’re the best solution. The real value for me is separate from product quality and performance, in that [company president] John is a neighbor and he treats me like a neighbor. I get the feeling that he’s very eager and interested that Infratech is the go-to choice for all the builders in the beach cities. He certainly made the effort to make that impression on me and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. That’s a huge value.

What is your favorite thing about the heaters?

They’re a fantastic combination of aesthetics and performance. Often when you build a customer’s house, you have to choose between one or the other. Infratech is great because they look beautiful and they work

What was your overall inspiration for the design of these spaces?

It’s client driven and it’s lifestyle driven. My clients are looking to make a statement. They’re very involved in the design of their homes and everybody’s got a reason for why a design means something for them, whether they’re pure modernists or very traditional.

The use of heat is all lifestyle driven. Our clients want to be outdoors. At the beach you don’t have yards. People want to be outside even when the ocean breeze is blowing, so we heat the decks.

How are your customers’ outdoor living lifestyles influencing your designs?

It’s vision driven. As people are designing, they’re actively projecting how they’re going to use every space. My clients are maximizers; that’s what we call them. They’re people who are not disposed to accept “good enough.” They’re people who constantly study and evaluate how they can get the most out of their homes and when I say “most” I mean the most beauty and the most enjoyment. A simple feature like an outdoor heater turns a simple deck into a living space.



All Photos via Lombardi Construction.