Designer Spotlight: Gakidis Stewart Design

For over sixty years, Wychmere Beach Club has been one of Cape Cod’s most luxurious, relaxing, and beloved summer destinations. With swimming pools, a private beach, tennis courts, and ocean front dining, the club’s allure relies heavily on outdoor living.

When Massachusetts-based architect George Gakidis of Gakidis Stewart Design started working on plans for the Wychmere Pool Bar Pavilion, he knew elegance and efficiency would be equally important when selecting a heating system to keep the guests comfortable. In this interview, we asked him about his inspiration for the design and why he chose Infratech heaters.

Photo via Gakidis Stewart Design

What was your overall inspiration for the design of the space?
The project itself is dealing with the outdoor space, by putting the roof over it you’re making an outdoor room. It was creating, in the simplest way, shelter. It looks contemporary and still has the open feel to it.

What made you select Infratech heaters for your project?
We needed an extremely durable product, stainless steel, that would last and deal with the elements. Our site is located on the south shore of Cape Code and the wind and salt water spray comes in horizontally and you just need products that can survive that. This site is a private beach resort and there are some shoulder seasons. From the beginning of the season to the end of season, the heaters provide a comfort level and more of a shoulder season. It was really a great choice and great use of your product.

What is your favorite thing about Infratech heaters?
They are designed well and they have architectural charter to them and those are important. They are slick and function well.

How are your customers’ outdoor living lifestyles influencing your designs?
This is not the first time I’ve used Infratech’s products, I used them in another outdoor kitchen. There is a desire and need in the Northeast, in New England, to create these outdoor rooms that are able to contend with shoulder seasons. It’s in demand right now, it’s pretty busy out here.

Photo via Gakidis Stewart Design