Create a Comfortable Outdoor Entertaining Space for Fall

It may be hard to believe, thanks to the current August heat, but autumn is just around the corner. The seasonal change means cooler nights, stronger winds, and for many of us, a close to the outdoor living season. Fortunately, our heaters can help your family extend that summer warmth so you can enjoy the changing leaves and crisp air a little bit longer. They’re eco-friendly, operate for just pennies a day, and offer customizable climate zones and heat that doesn’t blow away when the wind picks up.

Infratech heaters are the foundation of a comfortable, cozy outdoor space where your family and friends will love to spend time — but they’re just the beginning. Whether you’re making upgrades to your existing backyard space or are designing a whole new outdoor room, three essential elements can take your outdoor area from ordinary to extraordinary.

Here’s what you’ll need to create the alfresco dining area or backyard hang out spot of your dreams:

1. Warmth/Comfort 

Our infrared heaters are more efficient than traditional gas heaters — they also do a better job of keeping you warm. The heated quartz elements within our heaters emit a safe, clean wavelength of light that is absorbed only by solid objects which means the heat is transmitted exclusively to people and objects. Since we’re not just heating the air, this means the warmth won’t disappear when a heavy wind picks up. Our heaters are also easily integratable into smart home systems.

2. Conversation Starter 

Want to take your outdoor area from blah to amazing? Add an extra wow factor to your living space by incorporating a pizza oven, fire pit, built-in beer cooler, or a distinctive decorative feature like a fountain, koi pond, or sculpture. Not only will you give your guests something to talk about, you’ll take your entertaining abilities up a notch.

3. Lighting 

Now that you can spend more time outdoors without worrying about chilly autumn breezes, it’s time to think about how you’re going to light up the night. String lights can add a festive flair, or if you’re working on an environmentally-friendly remodel, solar-powered lights are a natural pick. No matter what you choose, the important people in your life will be delighted at the opportunity to spend more time together, enjoying the changing seasons long after the sun goes down.