CES Unveils Innovations in Smart Home Technology

The best smart home innovations promise not only to make users’ lives easier, but to make their homes greener. At Infratech, our commitment to energy efficiency and eco-friendly heating led us to promote smart home integration early on. While this technology continues to evolve, a wide variety of companies are working to create homes that are better connected, where communication between devices occurs wirelessly, all controlled by the homeowner’s smart phone or tablet.

This week, a host of new innovations in smart home technology were unveiled when International CES, one of the world’s biggest consumer electronics shows, took over the Las Vegas Convention Center. Dozens of exhibitors at the forefront of the emerging smart home tech industry introduced new home automation products that give a fascinating glimpse into the very near future. Here’s a look at some of the most exciting smart products at CES.elgato_eve

Elgato Eve 

This upcoming product line monitors air quality, humidity, temperature, air pressure, water use and energy consumption, analyzing and sending the data to the user’s iPhone and iPad so that homeowners can adjust their usage to be more efficient.


Image via Elgato.

Lutron Caséta Wireless

Lutron’s new line of dimmers and switches allow homeowners to control lights, wireless window shades, and home temperature via smartphone or tablet, even when the user isn’t at home.


Image via Houzz.

Bosch BPT-S5 Hybrid Solar Store

Bosch’s hybrid solar power storage tank harnesses solar power generated during the peak hours of sunlight when users are often away from home and at work, allowing round-the-clock usage of stored energy.


Image via Bosch.