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Builder Spotlight: Senor Mist, LLC

Señor Mist is a family-owned and operated company that are experts in outdoor climate control options. The company name represents the southwest flair of Arizona and its hot summers and cold winter nights. They have installed misting systems, rolling shutters, and Infratech heaters into numerous residential and commercial outdoor spaces. We spoke with Rex Yuhas, owner of Señor Mist, to get a professional perspective on how he and his team work with clients to design their outdoor space.


“We want to be on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to our field of business and we believed that [Infratech] electric radiant heating was the path for us […] and things couldn’t be better.”

What inspires you when creating outdoor effects for clients?
We know going into any sales call that Señor Mist has the premiere electric heating line on the market and with that confidence, we know that we can design anything for our clients. We get most excited and inspired when we are asked to design a system for a client that has special needs in heating specific areas and [in] coming up with new ideas for the design and layout based upon those specific areas. We always take into account the structural architecture, surrounding environment, and make sure to not distract from the architect’s/designer’s original concept. We want to “expand” the patio environment, whether it be for dining, relaxing, or more.

How did you select Infratech as your heating system of choice?
After four years in business, Debbie, my wife and co-owner, and I realized that it was time to expand our line card and offer other products since we are “already on the patio,” so to speak. We had decided that adding a patio heating line would be mutually beneficial to both Senor Mist and our soon-to-be anticipated heater line.  After a thorough search of patio heating options in both gas and electric, we kept coming back to Infratech. A number of contractor friends and clients had endorsed this company as well and hoped that we could secure a dealership program with them. We want to be on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to our field of business and we believed that electric radiant heating was the path for us. We had written a letter to the Regional Sales Manager at the time, inquiring about a possible dealership position. We were asked to write a business plan and a brief summary of Senor Mist which we of course did and sent it in. After a couple of weeks or so we were notified that we had been accepted as a dealer of Infratech products. That was five years ago and things couldn’t be better.

What outdoor design trends have you seen in the last couple of years?
The Valley of the Sun is a great place to enjoy the fall, winter and spring seasons on a patio. As our population swells during these months, people from other parts of the country and around the globe bring with them their ideas of how they spend time outdoors, as well as their construction ideas. As a result, we see new and innovative patio design ideas. Some of these trends are movable exterior walls for opening up the interior to the outdoors. New outdoor dining venues are always being designed with our area’s talented architects and designers. Slimline and flush mount heating options are very popular here in Arizona.

What about Infratech do you and your clients like the most?
Infratech is on the cutting edge of not only technology, but also design.To summarize, [Infratech offers] great products, service, and turn-around time from order to installation. Having a great Internet support structure has helped tremendously as the available videos and product descriptions have expanded.

What is the biggest obstacle you face during the building process?
The biggest obstacle for Señor Mist during the construction process is getting the building contractor to help us and our client with adjustments such as conduit placement, roughing in the spaces needed for the controls, and other infrastructure necessities.

What do you think an updated outdoor living space does for home or business?
I believe most of us are here in the valley for the cooler three seasons. Business understands the importance of a comfortable experience in dining and hospitality. It enhances their profits by expanding their areas of business.

What do you hope to build in the future?
We at Señor Mist hope to continue to build a company of both design, installation, and renovation for our clients’ needs. With the support of Infratech, our line of electric radiant heating products will get us to that goal. We want to expand our efforts and grow our brand in other locations as well.