Infratech has long been recognized by leading architects, designers and builders for providing the widest range of aesthetic choices in the industry — from heater profiles to mounting and color options. Now we are excited to announce the launch of our most designer-friendly offering yet: the Motif collection of stylish, laser-cut decorative fascias that can be added to our C-Series and CD-Series heaters. This stunning collection can be added to our C-Series and CD-Series heaters, creating limitless potential for customized style.

Now that restaurants are beginning to reopen in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic closures, social norms and safety guidelines are evolving to promote enhanced public health. Guidelines differ from state to state, but one overarching theme promoted in the National Restaurant Association’s COVID-19 Reopening Guidance is the prioritization of outdoor seating. By adding additional seating in open-air spaces like patios, terraces and even sidewalk areas, restaurants can safely welcome additional guests and maximize income while remaining in compliance with the new guidelines. 

Kingswood Custom Homes is a luxury home builder serving the Charlotte, North Carolina and Charleston, South Carolina areas. Led by Founder and President Peter Leeke alongside his wife and Interior Designer Louise Leeke, the firm offers premier construction standards in bespoke homebuilding and intricate, large-scale renovations. The architects and designers at Kingswood are committed to the highest quality process and results, and are known for their all-inclusive project management, dedication to the craft, and eco-conscious design practices.