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Beautiful Spring Cocktails to Try for National Cocktail Day

Happy National Cocktail Day! The sun is bright and the weather is nice. What better way to celebrate than in your outdoor living space? We round up our favorite spring cocktails that will wow your friends and family.
tangerine sorbet champagne float - infratech

Photo via Complete Delicious

Tangerine Sorbet Champagne Floats
Celebrate the beginning of spring with this adult float made of homemade tangerine sorbet and champagne. A refreshing celebratory cocktail for any outdoor party!

cucumber martini - infratech
Photo via Boulder Locavore

Feisty Cucumber Mint Martini
A smooth and crisp cocktail paired with a bit of spice from a jalapeño, this Feisty Cucumber Mint Martini will help you welcome the warm weather.

national cocktail day - infratech
Photo via Hither and Thither

Rosemary Bourbon Back
A cocktail that Bourbon connoisseurs can appreciate, dashes of rosemary and bitters are mixed in for a well-rounded hearty drink.

watermelon mojito - infratech
Photo via Call Me PMC

Watermelon Mojito
A light, fruity, and refreshing drink, this Watermelon Mojito will transport you into upcoming summer days. This also tastes great without alcohol; perfect for kids!

carrot bloody mary - infratech
Photo via The Candid Appetite 

Carrot Bloody Marys
Spring is to brunch as brunch is to Bloody Marys. This is a carrot juice twist on a classic cocktail recipe.