About Infratech
oven components.

Infratech creates industrial curing solutions for virtually any coating or composite in use today. From the world’s largest furniture manufacturing lines to curing small paint jobs in large spray booths, Infratech can provide the services your facility requires.

We are a UL 508 Listed control manufacturer with over 25 years of control design and production experience. We can provide standard and custom design, engineering, controls and infrared fixtures or heat panels to suit a broad range of industrial needs.

In addition, we produce integrated control systems that enable you to regulate an entire finishing system or manufacturing process. These include AC drives for conveyors, motor starters for spray booths, oven exhaust fans, safety monitoring and system interlocks. We are also able to incorporate solid-state relays for precise heat output control and temperature feedback, so that our customers can enjoy the benefits of added flexibility and accuracy.

Our team of experts works one-on-one with every customer, in order to determine the ideal standard or custom solutions that will meet your process requirements.

Infratech offers the following technologies to assist with your production needs:

Infratube™ Medium Wave Industrial Infrared Fixtures

These medium wave quartz heat fixtures cure from the inside out and promote fast drying, excellent adhesion and superior surface appearance. They are designed for a wide range of liquid coating and adhesive drying applications.

Infratube™ Medium Wave Industrial Infrared Panels

Achieve high-speed liquid coating, adhesive drying and powder curing with Infratube high intensity, medium wave quartz heat panels. They promote rapid heat transfer for pre-gel, excellent adhesion and superior surface appearance

Spray Booth Curing Systems

Infratech US-patented electric infrared spray/cure systems are a great way to achieve faster drying times for operations that use spraying enclosures. Whether for automotive or industrial applications, we can design a system that will help accelerate your production times and maximize your profits.

Custom Industrial Controls

Infratech custom industrial controls are engineered to meet all of your curing and process control needs. We are a UL 508-Listed control manufacturer, capable of designing and manufacturing controls for a wide range of applications. Whether you require simple contactor panels or the largest SCR controls, our solutions can improve efficiency, reduce cycle times and provide you with all of the data necessary for superior quality control. Our systems can include disconnects, SCRs for heat output control, AC variable speed drives, motor starters for exhaust and air make up blowers, and digital readouts, as well as breakers and fuses for appropriate circuit protection.

For more information, please visit our Custom Control page.