8 Sophisticated & Haunting Halloween Cocktails

halloween spooky cocktails

Halloween doesn’t have to be just for the kids! Throw a fun and sophisticated costume party in your outdoor space, turn up the heat with Infratech heaters and impress your friends all night long with cocktails they’ve never seen before. We’ve rounded up our 8 favorite staple cocktails with a haunting twist for your outdoor Halloween party.

1. The Poisoned Apple

Photo via Julep 

“Apple and tequila make for a deadly combination.”

2. Oogie Boogie

oogie boogie halloween cocktail 
Photo via Let’s Mingle. Inspired by the villian, Oogie Boogie, from Nightmare Before Christmas, this is sure to dazzle fans of the film.

3. Vampire Punch With Lime Sherbet

halloween cocktails vampire
Photo via Cookin Canuck

What’s Halloween without a little bit of fake blood?

The Raven

halloween spooky cocktails
Photo via The Jewels of New York

Edgar Allan Poe would be proud of this beautiful (and haunting) cocktail with a mix of bourbon, citrus, and a maraschino cherry.

5.  The Blackbeard

halloween inspired cocktails
Photo via Honestly Yum. It’s not really made of poison, but it sure looks terrifying, doesn’t it? This flavorful cocktail gets its color from a pinch of squid ink.

6. Candy Corn Martini with Pop Rocks Rim

candy corn cocktails
Photo via Boulder Locavore. If you love DIY projects, this cocktail is for you. Make your own candy corn vodka and enlighten your friends with their favorite childhood Halloween candy.

7. Sleepy Hollow

Photo via The Jewels of New York. Nothing screams sophisticated than a literally smoky mezcal.

8. The Spider Bite 

Photo via Julep

Don’t let the name of this cocktail fool you. It’s actually full of rich coffee flavor from Kahlua liquor and sweet tapioca balls.