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10 Tips for Hosting a Spring Outdoor Gathering

When it comes to throwing parties, we’d all love the event to come together as seamlessly and hassle-free as possible. As the weather starts to get warm and the parties move outdoors, there are many factors to consider. These must-know tips will help you keep up your top-notch host reputation through the sunny seasons.


1. Keep it affordable and simple with a brown craft paper tablecloth for a casual-finished and easy to clean look. You can even get creative and use pens for custom decorating like Something Turquoise did with these.



2. Separate tables—drinks and appetizers on one end, main course and dessert on others—to encourage guests to roam about the space and socialize.




3. Go green and avoid too many dishes with these reusable, compostable plates from Bambu.




4. To keep dips and cold dishes (like this guacamole from Minimalist Baker) cool in the sunny weather, fill a large bowl with ice and sprinkle it with kosher salt, then float your bowl on top.



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5. Stock a bar cart or two with all your beverage needs for hands-free hosting that avoids bar bottlenecks and looks impressive and stylish. Check out these bar cart styling tips from Camille Styles for inspiration.




6. Pre-made, self-serve platters of easy-to-eat foods keep everyone happy, including the host! Check out some of our favorite simple to serve recipes from parties past (like the hotdogs from Everyday Southwest above) here, here, and here.




7. DIY drink tags to match your party theme. We love these ideas from Brit & Co.




8. DIY centerpieces. Perfect for spring, these floating flowers centerpieces from Intimate Weddings are easy to create. Use trimmings from your own garden and get creative with your glasses or bowls. You can even add candles for a fun evening glow.




9. When the sun starts to go down, set the ambience with the right lighting. Check out these ideas from Martha Stewart, or these DIY lanterns from Bob Vila.




10. As it cools down into the evening, you’ll want to keep your guests comfortable. Set some outdoor throw blankets around for use and turn on your Infratech heaters to keep the space extra cozy.